Well that was that!

Well, that was 2021! Lights cigarette… How was it for you?

This is a list of the ups and downs for me:

THREE people I knew (and liked) died. One had no money and checked out with literally nothing, but was well liked by everyone and everyone was sad. Another had everything and threw it away and was not very kind to people. Less people were sad about that. Another was very kind to a lot of people and was well liked, and many people were sad when he went. It struck me that the value of a person is not how many shiny coins they hold, but how much they affect other peoples lives, and in most cases that boils down to how KIND they are. Maybe, instead of elbowing people out the way to get to the gold coins, we should stop and think how we can be kind to people.

I lost a load of money on stocks. Fear caused me to sell stuff at the bottom which ultimately rebounded later, so it was my actions to avoid losses that caused me to lose. Yeah great going. Hold on, theres someone on the phone… Oh, it’s Warren Buffet asking for investing advice! I think not. It’s the second time in 5 years I’ve done this. Gutted but in a way it’s caused me to be more grateful for what I’ve got…and just being alive is also handy!

But then on a more positive note – I got back in touch with some people I worked with before, and did a new project, which I enjoyed, and managed to replace about half the money I lost (lucky!). Whats weird is that I had the intention of getting back in touch with them (after about 8 years) to talk about working on one of my ideas. It was literally on my list for that month when THEY got in contact with me. That is weird as hell, who knows how the universe works!

I started making music again: people biting the dust has shifted my mindset from always maximising productivity to spending more time doing things just because they are fun (as long as they are actually fun and not just path of least resistance / avoidance-of-work activities). One of my goals for 2022 is to get a track released, which is a lofty goal indeed from where I am now! But anything is possible if you just keep at it. The key is to take constant action no matter how small. Consistent action always wins in the end… said the tortoise to the hare.

Well, here’s to a new year and all the sadness and joy it will no doubt bring. Whatever comes our way we’ll deal with it, no need to worry. Who knows, this might be my or your or someone you know’s last year, make it count bitches! As will I. Ok, Let’s start our engines!


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